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Sierra Sleep by Ashley: Patented Comfort in the Bedroom

Since 1945, Ashley Furniture has been at helm of the home decor industry—bringing charm and functionality into every single room. So it only makes sense that Sierra Sleep should be paired with this terrific brand, in a partnership destined for domestic excellence. Cool to the touch, and easy to ship, a Sierra Sleep by Ashley mattress is what homeowners have always wanted, at a price that can’t be eclipsed.

Shopping at Furniture World in Greensboro, North Carolina, you can browse, and feel any one of our Sierra Sleep by Ashley mattresses. And you will be impressed by the experience—trust us!

A Twin Size Sierra Sleep: Contoured to You

Regardless of the size of your bed frame or bedroom, Sierra Sleep is the perfect complement to you. Comforting MyGel, infused with organic green tea extract, and active charcoals, gives you a quality of sleep you simply don’t forget. Whether it’s a full or twin, your Sierra Sleep mattress is a smart and affordable way to upgrade your health and your home.

With layer upon layer of pressure relief and bodily support, how could you not be enamored with the thought of your own Sierra Sleep twin size mattress?

Worthy of Royalty: The Queen by Sierra Sleep

Why not own a mattress that’s fit for the Queen? A Sierra Sleep by Ashley, enhanced with some of the latest memory foam technology, guarantees a night of rest and relaxation that’s worth a kingdom or two. As you sink into the cool foam of your own Sierra Sleep, you’ll immediately feel the difference, from start to finish.

Once you’re asleep, your Sierra Sleep by Ashley mattress continues to serve you: regulating the temperature of your body, and how much motion is transferred when you move on your bed. If a partner shares your bed with you, you’ll both appreciate the royal treatment.

Be the King: Sierra Sleep Supports Your Reign

If you have the space and compunction to sleep on a king size, then Sierra Sleep by Ashley has the mattress that was made for you. Marvel at the way that dual ventilation technology makes it as cool as can be throughout the night, leaving you all the more rested by morning. A king Sierra Sleep mattress can—in a very real sense—be the crown jewel of your bedroom.

Acquaint yourself with the beauty and luxury of Sierra Sleep by Ashley, at our Greensboro, North Carolina furniture store, and be amazed at just how affordable greatness can be!

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