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Benchcraft by Ashley: Accessible Luxury in Your Home

Benchcraft, by its name alone, stands for reliability and craftsmanship. Comprising some of the finest offerings from Ashley Furniture, Benchcraft extends a dynamic line of home decor into the hands of homeowners all around the country and across the globe. Constructed with durable materials, state-of-the-art equipment, and the highest quality leathers and fabrics, these timeless Benchcraft by Ashley collections defy the norm when it comes to ordinary home furniture. With this exceptional brand in your possession, you’ll feel inclined to decorate your living room, bedroom, and dining room the way you’ve always imagined.

The Definition of Living Room Decor: Designed for You

When you and your guests walk into your living room, you want to wow them, don’t you? Anyone with a credit card can fill up space in their home, but you, the savvy shopper, you’re more discerning.

Cue the Benchcraft by Ashley sectional sofa: the epitome of luxury, rippling with plushness and pillows dressed in your favorite shade of red. Who wouldn’t feel the urge to sink themselves down into a piece of upholstery as sleek as this? Slide an accent ottoman into the mix and you have yourself a proper den for friends and family gatherings.

Wake Up in the Bedroom You Want: Queen Panel Beds

Dreaming big doesn’t have to mean rethinking everything you own and do every day. Regardless of who you are, it starts and ends in your bedroom. Now imagine how easy it’ll be to dream even bigger, waking up on a queen panel bed from Benchcraft by Ashley.

Between the woodwork, the headboard and finish, you’ll be hard-pressed to remember a bed you loved more than your own Benchcraft by Ashley. Maintain the mood in your bedroom with a classic nightstand and mirror, and you’ll always feel elevated.

Be As Classy As You’d Like: Dining Room Sets in Any Style

You know the drill: come the holidays, it’s all about impressing the in-laws. Why kid yourself, when a full Benchcraft by Ashley dining room set is on-sale and waiting for you? We make it easy for you to pick out the perfect dining room table for your home, while keeping to a budget.

Stop by any of our Furniture World stores in Greensboro, NC, to see just how easy it is, decorating with a Benchcraft by Ashley collection.

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